Daily Statement

When you have an active trading account, the broker will send you a daily statement at the end of the trading day, detailing all open and closed transactions along with a small summary of your account status.

Monthly Statement

Every month you will also get a statement detailing what happened in the past period.

This is the best way to keep track of your account. Due to the volatile nature of the forex market, a daily statement will show gains one day, and losses another. While a monthly statement shows the performance over a somewhat longer period.


TradeUnity Reporting & BackOffice

Turbo is the TradeUnity monitoring tool. It’s a Back Office that can be used to monitor all your TradeUnity activities.

For trading clients, it’s ideal to follow up on your active accounts, even if you have multiple accounts running at the same time.

We make sure that the answer to most of your technical questions can easily be accessed from within TURBO, because we know that if you’re new to forex, the technical aspect of it can be daunting.


Download the MT4 trading platform and install it on your computer. MT4 is normally only available for windows users, but Infinox UK has made a custom installation possible for mac users too.

Downloading the trading platform is usually only necessary when you’re actively trading your account yourself. Because we only allow users a read-only access*, you can use it as a “live” monitoring tool to see “real-time” what the Unity Expert Advisor is doing.

Links to download this platform are sent upon registration and will be available in TURBO at all times.

Install mobile apps, to access your account anywhere you wish

*Definition of a read-only access:

Interfering with the trade strategy of the EA can have very negative effects on your trading account. That’s why the access to your account is limited to a read-only access. Clients can follow up in real-time what’s happening, deposit and withdraw funds at ANY time, but cannot manually place or close trade orders.

The EA on the other hand is able to open and close trading orders, but has no access to deposit or withdraw funds from the account.

Risk Warning: You should know that trading FOREX and CFDs carries a high level of risk to your capital including losing more than your initial deposit. FOREX and CFDs are leveraged products and the effect of leverage is that both gains and losses are magnified. The past performance of a financial instrument is no guarantee or indicator of future performance. Trading Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all investors, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent financial advice if necessary. You should only trade FOREX if you have sufficient investing experience and knowledge, a thorough understanding of the risks involved and if you are dealing with money that you can afford to lose.